Buddha Machine

Today is my first day with my new Buddha Machine. It’s basically a loop station that has 18 different kinda ambient loops that drone endlessly through either the single speaker or headphones. Incredibly awesome to have if you want to relax at work. It has this very precious distortion and static that really gets to me. There is an iphone app version for those that can’t commit to the little plastic box.

Finished my shirt work for The Mountain Goats with this final design. This will be the US tour shirt. Additionally the viking image from before has been remixed into a track coat that will be available in the US as well. Very excited to see these done and to get a reaction from both fans of  The Mountain Goats and people that know my work from before. These were deliberately comic book like and sketchy as this style really appealed to The Mountain Goats team. It has grown on me too. Hopefully I get some more time in this style soon. Gotta think of things to draw!


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